Adam R. Brady, P.E.

PhD Candidate
Sharp Group

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


An active duty Army officer, upon completion of my PhD I will return to the United States Military Academy as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering.


Research Interests

Environmental sustainability, passive water treatment systems, engineered wetlands, environmental microbiology, sustainable systems development, sustainable water and wastewater engineering

Dissertation Research

Optimizing the footprint of an engineered wetland while increasing the reliability and resiliency of wetland design through enhanced biotic and abiotic contaminant transformation capacity. Additionally, I will seek to quantify the potential for these wetlands to be used with other impaired waters.


BS in Environmental Science, United States Military Academy, 2002

MS in Environmental Science and Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, 2012


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Cath T., Elimelech, M., McCutcheon JR., McGinnis, R.L., Achilli, A., Anastasio, D., Brady, A, Childress, A.E., Farr, I.V., Hancock, N.T., Lampi, J., Nghiem, L.D., Xie, M., Yin, N. “Standard methodology for evaluating membrane performance in osmotically driven membrane processes”. Desalination, Vol. 312 (2013), pp 31-38.

Baideme, M., Brady, A., Robbins, C. “Distributed Treatment Systems”. Water Environment Research, Vol. 85 (2013), pp. 1339-1353.


Technical and Popular Publications

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Sharp Lab
Colorado School of Mines
Golden, CO 80401