Research Group

Sara Warix – Solute production and transport in watersheds

PhD student 

I am a PhD student in hydrology. I am interested in how climate change is impacting groundwater resources, particularly in dry regions within the western United States. I have a BS in Geological and Environmental Sciences from University of the Pacific where I focused on groundwater geochemistry in the Spring Mountains, NV as it relates to the larger Death Valley Regional Groundwater Flow System. I completed a MS at Idaho State University where I investigated the role that groundwater plays in controlling spatiotemporal stream drying patterns at the Reynolds Creek Critical Zone Observatory. In my free time I enjoy swimming, skiing, biking, and climbing.

Kenny Swift Bird – Metal fate and transport in the hyporheic zone

PhD student 


Anna LIttlefield – Geochemical baseline monitoring for CCUS

PhD student 


Connor Newman – Residence time controls on metal fluxes in groundwater

I am interested in weathering reactions in the subsurface, particularly of sulfide minerals that form acid mine drainage. The weathering of sulfides is a primary control on water quality in mineralized areas but it remains difficult to differentiate weathering influenced by humans from natural weathering. My research focuses on how groundwater residence times may be used to understand weathering controls and to quantify changes in sulfide weathering through time in several areas of Colorado. This research draws on geochemical data and modeling applications. Aside from geochemistry and hydrology I enjoy climbing, snowboarding, and camping with my wife and our two dogs.


Jacob Peterson – phosphorous fate and transport post wildfire

PhD student 


Ian Gambill – Role of stream blocking in hyporheic exchange

ms student 


Abigail Winkler 

ms student – starting Fall 2022