Our research centers around WATER as a sustainable functional material, in particular  when combined with gases to form a crystalline phase, known as CLATHRATE HYDRATES. These phase change properties of water can be tuned depending on the gas(es), temperature, and pressure, making clathrate hydrates a versatile functional material relevant to numerous areas as shown below. Our study on clathrate hydrates ranges from the SCIENCE (fundamental) to the ENGINEERING (applied), so that we can further our understanding of their properties and develop solutions for their application.


The research is based on experimental, theoretical, and computational approaches, bringing a unified approach to bridge the microscopic and macroscopic scales utilizing a variety of techniques for property measurement, characterization, and discovery. 

In addition to clathrate hydrates, our research is also concerned with other broad areas ranging from soft condensed matter to structured materials to biological systems, with emphasis on molecular descriptions as the basis to understand macroscopic properties and behavior. Theoretical, computational, and experimental methods are employed as research tools to broaden our fundamental knowledge while applying those principles to tackle practical problems. Every topic of research emphasizes a multiscale and multidisciplinary approach that encompasses knowledge and skills covering the chemical, physical, and life sciences, computer science, and engineering.

Chemical & Biological Engineering Department  |  Colorado School of Mines  |  Golden, Colorado  80401

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