Our main research focus on the study of clathrate hydrates, from the SCIENCE (fundamental) to the ENGINEERING (applied), so that we can further our understanding of their properties and develop solutions for their application.

The research in our laboratory covers broad areas of hydrates, as illustrated below, with the main focus in the areas of FLOW ASSURANCE and SCIENCE. Our research is based on experimental, theoretical, and computational approaches, so that a comprehensive understanding can be developed for hydrates.

For each of the areas, FLOW ASSURANCE and SCIENCE, a number of topics are investigated with hydrates as a central topic. As illustrated, all areas are interconnected. The strength of our laboratory is to address flow assurance problems with a strong foundation on the science.



In addition to hydrates, our research is also concerned with other broad areas ranging from soft condensed matter to structured materials to biological systems, with emphasis on molecular descriptions as the basis to understand macroscopic properties and behavior. Theoretical, computational, and experimental methods are employed as research tools to broaden our fundamental knowledge while applying those principles to tackle practical problems. Every topic of research emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses knowledge and skills covering the chemical, physical, and life sciences, computer science, and engineering.

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