Ph.D., Fall 2019 – present

M.S., University of Colorado Denver

B.S., King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia


Qiushi wei

Ph.D., Fall 2022 – present

M.S., South China University of Technology

B.S., Hubei University


Visiting Scholars
  • Yuan Cheng (Wuhan University, 2019/08 – 2020/08)
  • Hua Jiang (Wuhan University, 2017/06 – 2018/05)
  • Huanmei Guan (Wuhan University, 2015/08 – 2016/08)
  • Jia Xu (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 2014/11 – 2015/5)
Yuhui Zhang (Ph.D., December 2021)
Thesis: Towards High-Throughput Cryptocurrency Transactions in Payment Channel Networks
Initial Job: Facebook
Nan Jiang (M.S., May 2021)
Thesis: Designing a Secure Public Committee-based Blockchain Protocol
David Grisham (M.S., May 2021)
Thesis: Game Theoretical Analysis of Resource Allocation in the Interplanetary File System
Ming Li (Ph.D., August 2020)
Thesis: Security and Privacy on Smartphones: A Sensing Approach
Initial Job: Amazon
Jian Lin (Ph.D., December 2019)
Thesis: Privacy and Security in Crowdsensing
Initial Job: Southwest Jiaotong University
Farshad Harirchi (Ph. D., December 2014, co-supervised with Professor Tyrone Vincent)
Thesis: Estimation of Processes with High-Mix of Disturbances
Initial Job: Postdoc at University of Michigan