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Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering


The Mozur Research Group, founded in 2022, seeks to understand the relationship between a material’s structure on the atomistic and micro-scale and the material functionality. We believe that the development and utilization of new technologies relies on the discovery and understanding of materials.

Our research flow begins with the preparation of technologically relevant materials. Dr. Mozur loves ‘the game of x’, or using small changes in composition to investigate the role of each constituent in the structure. Typically, we then build a robust understanding of the structure using traditional diffraction, neutron scattering and spectroscopy,  and local structure probes. These insights are then correlated to material properties, including but not limited to magnetism, opto-electonic behavior, or thermal properties.

Dr. Mozur is particularly excited about extended inorganic solids with applications in magnetism and renewable energies.

Group News


June 2024 – Welcome to Kieran McDonnell, an ICECRM REU student 👋 and congratulations to Jordan Sweeney for being selected as a delegate to the President’s Council of Student Advisors for ACerS!

May 2024 – Congratulations to Emily Stec as she graduates with her B.S. in Chemical Engineering! She was awarded a Undergraduate Research Scholar Distinction at commencement ⭐

April 2024 – Our undergraduate researchers presented their work at the MURF poster symposium

Emily, Bryce, and Andrew standing next to their their research posters. All three are looking at the camera and smiling.

Sept. 2023 – Welcome to three MURF fellows – Emily Stec in Chemical Engineering, Bryce Walsh in Computer Science, and Andrew Hope in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Aug. 2023 – Welcome to Jordan Sweeney, a first year graduate student in Materials Science! 👋 

May 2023 –  Welcome to two REU students, Julissa Cesareo and Ryn Hiers, for the summer  👋

Aug. 2022 – Mozur Research Group launches! 🚀🚀🚀

The Mozur Research Group is hiring!

 Graduate Research Positions

Prospective graduate students interested the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering or Materials Science Programs are encouraged to reach out to Eve directly through email. Include a brief description of your research interests and any relevant previous experience. The deadline to apply to these programs is generally in mid December.

Undergraduate Research Positions

Undergraduate students who are enthusiastic about materials research are encouraged to  check out the projects posted on the MURF website ( New positions are usually posted in March with applications due in April.  Generally, no research experience necessary, and preference will be given to students who have taken or are currently taking MTGN211. Structure of Materials or a similar course. Please reach out to Eve with questions!


Post-Doctoral Positions

We are not currently hiring post-docs.