Course Projects

Senior Design (PHGN481/482):

Senior Thesis – Quantifying Aggregation of Emitter Molecules in Organic Light Emitting Diodes Using Spatial Statistics

Poster – Quantifying Aggregation in Organic LEDs Using Spatial Statistics

Spatial Statistics (MATH 532) Final Project – A Spatial Analysis of Colorado School Performance

Database Management (CSCI 403) Final Project – Analysis of 2015 U.S. Flight Data

Mathematical Physics (PHGN 311) Projects:

Project 1 – Analyzing Music Volume (scalar data)

Project 2 – Analyzing Colorado Temperature Over Time (vector data)

Project 3 – Image Processing (matrix data)

Digital Electronics (PHGN 317) Final Project – Wheel Speed Control Using Arduino

Science in Literature (HASS 407) Final Project – History of Tomorrow


Kriging prediction of Colorado school performance based on 2017 school ratings from the Colorado Department of Education.