Hayden O. Cooreman

Hayden Cooreman (he/him/his)

Northrop Grumman Software/Systems Engineering Intern, Mines Student Representative to the Board of Trustees, Undergraduate Researcher, CS@Mines, Minor in McBride Public Affairs Class of 2023


Hayden Cooreman, originally from Colorado Springs, CO, is earning his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the Colorado School of Mines. Previously working in a number of industries including digital marketing, defense, and law enforcement, Hayden carries with him a broad skill set to enhance positional duties in any team setting. Currently, Hayden is an accomplished and decorated student with a mix of scholastic, extracurricular, and professional achievements. He has been involved with the Harvey Scholars program, Undergraduate Student Government, Mines Residence Hall Association, LANCSET Research Group, the Mines Foundation, Blue Key Honors Society, McBride Honors Program, and Northrop Grumman’s OUTMATCH internal research and development group. Through his Mines education & professional experience, Hayden has developed working professional proficiencies in C++, C#, PostgreSQL, Sqlite3, Java, JavaScript, HTML, React, Python, R, Linux, Bash Scripting, RISC-V Assembly, Docker, AWS, Cameo, Microsoft Office, WordPress, and Adobe Creative Cloud.


  • BS in Computer Science, Colorado School of Mines, Anticipated May 2023
    • CS@Mines General Track
    • Minor in McBride Honors Public Affairs
    • 3.82 GPA
  • Prospective MS Candidate in Computer Science, Colorado School of Mines, Anticipated May 2024

Work & Volunteer Experience

Current Experience:

  • Software/Systems Engineering Intern, Northrop Grumman – OUTMATCH
    • Software developer on the Analysis of Alternatives sub-team with a focus on databases, back-end development, and data science
    • Model-based systems engineer
  • Colorado School of Mines Student Representative to the Board of Trustees
  • Kickstart Executive Board Member
  • Blue Key Honors Society Member, student organization

Prior Experience:

  • Constituent Relations Intern, The Mines Foundation – 2022-2023 Academic Year
  • Teaching Assistant & Grader, Intro to Linux – Spring 2022
  • LANCSET Undergraduate Researcher, Mines Department of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences – 2021-2022
  • Board of Student Media Committee Member, student organization – 2022-2023 Academic Year
  • External Communications Director, Mines Undergraduate Student Government, Fall 2021
  • RHA President, Mines Department of Residence Life, Spring-Fall 2021
  • RHA Summer Intern, Mines Department of Residence Life, Summer 2021
  • U-CLIMB Teaching Assistant and Mentor, Mines Department of Computer Science, Fall 2020
  • Director of Campus Communications, Mines Department of Residence Life, 2020-2021 Academic Year
  • Communications Coordinator, Harvey Scholars Program, 2020-2021 Academic Year
  • RHA Director of Programming, 2019-2020 Academic Year
  • Records Technician, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, January – June 2019
  • Parks Maintenance (Seasonal), El Paso County Parks Department, Summer 2018 & 2020


  • Cybersecurity Considerations for Bidirectional Electric Vehicle Charging – Fall 2022
  • Independent Study: Critical Reflections on the Ethical Regulation of AI: Challenges with Existing Frameworks and Alternative Regulation Approaches – Presented at IEEE ISTAS2022
  • Understanding Alumni Perceptions of Engineering Ethics Education: Ethical Problems in the Workplace and the Implications for Reforming the Ethics Curriculum – Fall 2021

Awards & Honors

  • Harvey Scholar Class of 2023 – Colorado School of Mines
  • Top Performer, Northrop Grumman – Summer 2022
  • Colorado School of Mines Honors Service Award – Spring 20222
  • Student Representative for Mines – The College Tour TV Show
  • Student Philanthropist of the Year – Mines Foundation, 2021
  • Blue Key Honors Society Inductee – Colorado School of Mines, Fall 2021
  • Community Servant of the Year, Nominee – Department of Residence Life, Spring 2021
  • McBride Honors Program Inductee – Colorado School of Mines, Spring 2020
  • Dean’s List with Honors – Colorado School of Mines, Spring 2021
  • Dean’s List – Colorado School of Mines Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Fall 2021, Spring 2022
  • RHA Member of the Year – Department of Residence Life, Spring 2020
  • Sheriff’s Commendation – El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, January 2019
Headshot - Hayden Cooreman


Colorado School of Mines
1500 Illinois St
Golden, CO 80401