Charlie Fuller

Charlie Fuller

BeamTeam | ADAPT Graduate Researcher

Mechanical Engineering PhD Student

Aspiring engineer and scientist  with a focus in advanced manufacturing and space resource utilization.

About Me 

I am a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. My current research focus explores the application and development of additively manufactured shape memory alloys to produce functionally graded smart material structures, with application emphasis on the aerospace and medical industries.

I have interests in space resource utilization and in-space manufacturing, with experience in mission and vehicle development. My technical experience ranges from lasers and optical systems, robotic system hardware/software design and integration as well as thermal, fluid, and structural analysis on proprietary space vehicle architectures. My passion is pushing the boundaries of human understanding, which I plan on fulfilling with a future in advanced manufacturing research and in-space resource utilization. 


  • BS Mechanical Engineering, 2019
  • PhD Mechanical Engineering, In progress
    • Focus in Advanced Manufacturing 

Focus Areas

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • In-Situ Resource Utilization 
  • Robotic Infrastructure Development 
  • Additive Manufacturing Material and Process Development
  • Composites and Metallics Fabrication
  • Optical Asteroid Mining Test Bed Thermal Analysis
  • Shape Memory Alloy Heat Energy Recovery for Jet Aircraft
  • Detail Design (Solidworks, NX, Creo)
  • Cost and Feasibility Analysis


  • 2018 AIAA SPACE and Astronautics Forum and Exposition (AIAA-2018-5108) – Polar Sample Extraction In-situ Drilling Operations Network (POSEIDON)