Kamini Singha

311E Berthoud Hall, 1516 Illinois St, Golden, CO 80401 phone: +1 303.273.3822 email: ksingha@mines.edu

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  • hydrogeology
  • environmental geophysics
  • critical zone science
  • integration of field data and numerical modeling


  • physical processes controlling solute and contaminant mass transport
  • integration of geophysical imaging with flow and transport modeling
  • groundwater at interfaces, including groundwater-surface water exchange (see video from our 2016 CUAHSI workshop) and groundwater-evapotranspiration connections in critical zone science (see video about CZ science)


Recent Research Papers

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  • Hall, N.*, Rust, A.#, Hogue, T., and Singha, K. (submitted). Analysis of watershed parameters controlling turbidity following the West Fork Complex Fire. Submitted to Journal of Hydrology.
  • Singha, K., Johnson, T., Day-Lewis, F., and Slater, L. (in press). Electrical Imaging in Hydrogeology. A Groundwater Project E-Textbook, J. Cherry and E. Poeter, eds. Text available at https://gw-project.org.
  • Rickel, A.*, Hoagland, B.#, Navarre-Sitchler, A. and Singha, K. (in press). Seasonal shifts in surface water-groundwater connections from electrical resistivity in a ferricrete-impacted stream. Submitted to Geophysics.
  • Sullivan, P.L, Billings, S., Hirmas, D., Li, L., Zhang, X., Ziegler, S., Murenbeeld, K., Ajami, H., Guthrie, A., Singha, K. , Gimenez, D., Duro, A.M., Moreno, V., Flores, A., Cueva, A., Koop, A.N., Aronson, E., Barnard, H., Banwart, S., Keen, R., Nemes, A., Nikolaidis, N., Nippert, J., Richter, D., Robinson, D., Sadayappan, K., Souza, L., Unruh, M., and Wen, H. (in revision). Embracing the dynamic nature of soil structure: A key paradigm shift for illuminating the role of life in critical zones of the Anthropocene. Submitted to Earth-Science Reviews.
  • Rey, D.M.*, Hinckley, E.S., Walvoord, M., and Singha, K. (2021). Integrating observations and models to determine the effect of seasonally frozen ground on hydrologic partitioning in alpine hillslopes in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, USA.  Hydrologic Processes, https://doi.org/10.1002/hyp.14374.
  • Wilhelmsen, K.*, Sawyer, A., Marshall, A.*, McFadden, S.*, Singha, K., Wohl, E. (2021). Laboratory flume and numerical modeling experiments show log jams and branching channels increase hyporheic exchange. Water Resources Research, doi:10.1029/2021WR030299.
  • Harmon, R.*, Barnard, H., Day-Lewis, F.D., Mao, D., and Singha, K. (2021). Exploring environmental factors that drive diel variations in tree water storage using wavelet analysis. Frontiers in Water, doi: 10.3389/frwa.2021.682285.
  • Foster, A.*, Trautz, A.C.#, Bolster, D., Illangasekare, T., and Singha, K. (2021). Effects of large-scale heterogeneity and temporally varying hydrologic processes on estimating immobile pore space: A mesoscale-laboratory experimental and numerical modeling investigation. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jconhyd.2021.103811.
  • Beetle-Moorcroft, F.*, Shanafield, M., and Singha, K. (2021). Exploring conceptual models of infiltration and groundwater recharge on an intermittent river: the role of geologic controls. Journal of Hydrology-Regional Studies, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ejrh.2021.100814.
  • Ader, E.*, Wohl, E., McFadden, S.*, and Singha, K. (2021). Logjams as a driver of transient storage in a mountain stream. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, https://doi.org/10.1002/esp.5057.

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Recent Abstracts

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  • Warix, S.*, Navarre-Sitchler, A., Singha, K. (2021). Relation between concentration-discharge patterns and groundwater residence times in a headwater stream in the Colorado Front Range. EOS Trans. AGU Fall Meet. Suppl. Abstract.
  • Motz, S.+, Warix, S.*, Navarre-Sitchler, A., and Singha, K. (2021). The influence of topography on discharge and specific conductivity in the Hotel Gulch Watershed in Central Colorado. EOS Trans. AGU Fall Meet. Suppl. Abstract.
  • Marshall, A.*, Wohl, E., Sawyer, A., and Singha, K. (2021). Characterizing logjams as drivers of transient storage at different discharges in a flume. EOS Trans. AGU Fall Meet. Suppl. Abstract.
  • Sklar, L., Callahan, R.#, Carr, B., Chiaviello, A.*, Cist, N.*, Davis, E., Flinchum, B., Harman, C., Hayes, J., Holbrook, S., Litwin, D.*, Moon, S., Neely, A.#, Plante, Z.*, Richter, D., Riebe, C., Singha, K., Weinheimer, N. (2021). Hillslope sediment size controlled by differences in subsurface weathering in a transient Piedmont landscape, South Carolina, USA. AGU Fall Meet. Suppl. Abstract.
  • Hayes, J., Carr, B., Holbrook, S., Callahan, R.#, Harman, C., Riebe, C., Bemis, S., Flinchum, B., Moon, S., Singha, K., Sklar, L. and Aulenbach, B. (2021). Geophysical imaging reveals subsurface controls on weathering thickness at Panola Mountain Research Watershed, Georgia, USA. AGU Fall Meet. Suppl. Abstract.
  • Holbrook, S., Bemis, S., Callahan, R.#, Carr, B., Flinchum, B., Harman, C., Hayes, J., Moon, S., Neely, A.#, Riebe, C., Richter, D., Singha, K., and Sklar, L. (2021). Controls on critical zone thickness in the Appalachian Piedmont: lithology, vegetation, and state of stress. EOS Trans. AGU Fall Meet. Suppl. Abstract.
  • Harman, C.J, Bemis, S.P., Callahan, R.#, Carr, B., Eppinger, B.*, Flinchum, B., Hayes, J., Holbrook, S., Litwin, D.*, Moon, S., Riebe, C., Singha, K., and Sklar, L. (2021). Panola Mountain revisited: intensive geophysical and geochemical studies reveal the structure of the deep critical zone at a classic hydrologic study site. EOS Trans. AGU Fall Meet. Suppl. Abstract.
  • Billings, S.A., Sullivan, P., Hirmas, D.R., Guthrie, A., de Souza, L.G.T., Hauser, E., Wen, H., Li, L., Richter, D., Aronson, E., Ajami, H., Barnard, H.R., Nippert, J., Singha, K., Flores, A., and Bixby, L. (2021). Roots as agents of rapid soil structural change in the Anthropocene. EOS Trans. AGU Fall Meet. Suppl. Abstract.
  • Sullivan, P., Billings, S.A., Hirmas, D.R., Li, L., Ajami, H., Flores, A., Singha, K., Nippert, J., Barnard, H.R., Hauser, E., Koop, A., Zhang, X., and Murenbeeld, K. (2021). When and where do top-down processes govern critical zone structure and feedback to influence climate? EOS Trans. AGU Fall Meet. Suppl. Abstract.
  • Warix, S.*, Heil, E.#, Navarre-Sitchler, A., Singha, K. (2021). Concentration-discharge and mass flux relationships in two alpine headwater catchments. Goldschmidt Conference, 4-9 July, Lyon.
  • Sullivan, P., Ajami, H., Barnard, H.R., Billings, S.A., Hirmas, D.R., Keen, R.M., Nippert, J.B., Singha, K. and Zhang, X., (2021). Do root-regolith-rock interactions govern critical zone-climate feedbacks over decades to centuries? Goldschmidt Conference, 4-9 July, Lyon. Invited Keynote.

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