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Professor Susan M. Reynolds


Overview of the construction process for civil construction (spanning the building, transportation, and infrastructure sectors), including procurement methods and project delivery methods, codes, regulations, tests, standards, and Risk estimation and management. Construction methods and materials. Construction contracts, including drawings and specifications. Construction administration, including submittals, requests for information, change orders, special instructions, claims, disputes, arbitration, litigation, and project close-out. Project scheduling using the Critical Path Method. Construction project management. Construction safety and OSHA. Quantity takeoffs and construction estimating. Application of engineering analysis and design to construction projects. 3 hours lecture; 3 semester hours.

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Why take this class?


A practical, real-world resume-builder:

Whether it’s a desk job or a field job, it’s likely that more Mines grads work in the construction industry than any other sector.

According to the 2019-20 Career Center annual report, 12% of BS grads self-reported construction jobs and 11% more marked “consulting” or “government.”

Whether you want to work for a construction company, a consulting firm, an owner, a material supplier, or a governmental  organzation, this course provides insight on how all of these players work together to comprise the construction industry.

Passionate about sustainability?

Tiny houses and photovoltaics will only go so far in our ability to combat globalization and climate change. This course provides insight into a systems-based approach to design … and a place to make a big impact!

Your passion and creativity is needed to modernize an industry that too often is part of the problem, using unsustainable development practices, over-engineering, energy-intensive materials, and dated inefficient technology.

This course provides the base knowledge you need to be powerful and impactful in your future career.

A team-based, realistic approach to learning:

Our assignments mirror the real world in a supportive and collaborative learning environment. Even though this class is being redeveloped as a fully online summer course, teamwork will be a big part of the learning experience.

We’ll engage in friendly competitions to bid and “build” projects, compute profit, discuss risk, and become more comfortable with estimation, ambiguity, and flexibility.

Whether you have prior experience in the construction industry, or are a total rookie, join us for CEEN 360 in Summer 2022.




Prereqs: There are no prereqs to this course. Please note that it is a 300-level undergraduate course and cannot count towards a graduate-level degree. Interested grad students can enroll in the course as an elective, but the course cannot be counted towards their MS/PhD.

Offerings: The course is currently being re-imagined and re-vamped as an online, summer, 14-week course. Work on the online build has commenced, but many approvals are required to make the course a reality. If the online build is fully approved by April 2022, it will be offered in Summer 2022.