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statics and mechanics of materials (CEEN 298)

Professor Susan M. Reynolds


This integrated course combines all of the concepts taught in the two-semester sequence of Statics (CEEN 241) plus Mechanics of Materials (CEEN 311). This one semester and 6.0 credit hour course is an immersive learning experience that has been designed for highly motivated students, including those that have interest in the field of Structural Engineering. Refer to the Mines catalog to read the course descriptions for CEEN 241 and CEEN 311 for additional information on the course content. 


Do you want to study engineering in a strengths-based environment and a curriculum that makes learning easy and intuitive?

Would you like to be taught by a professor that is as passionate about teaching as she is about engineering?

Do you thrive in a classroom that is inclusive of all people, including those with different strengths than your own?

You’re in the right place.

Welcome. ❤️

How to Apply

In Fall 2024, this unique course will be offered Monday / Wednesday / Friday afternoons. Classes will be held in a two-hour block (2:00 – 4:00 pm). You’ll also be enrolled in recitation (4:00pm-5:00pm).

Enrollment is application-based, and enrollment is limited to 30 students.

Apply by Friday, April 12th for full consideration:



Course philosophy

In Fall 2024, the course will be used to pilot a non-traditional and strengths-based learning environment.

Students will supply information on their strengths, their challenges, and growth goals before the course begins.

The instructor will incorporate Universal Design for Learning principles in the course design.

More specifically, the instructional design will include:

  • partnering with students so that they can identify and self-select into strength areas
  • helping students recognize that their unique strengths can be connected to skill sets that support success across STEM careers and build STEM identity
  • an assessment scheme that emphasizes relative growth over absolute performance
  • encouraging students to focus on their strength areas while also developing in their challenge areas
  • providing flexibility in modes of instruction and modes of demonstrating learning
  • fostering an environment that aids in the intentional development of higher-order executive functioning skills
  • prioritizing a neuro-inclusive environment that aids in bridging a variety of social communication styles
Is this course for me?

This course is designed for students that value learning over grades, possess a strong work ethic, have adequate time in their schedule to engage in a 6 credit hour immersive class, and that thrive in a classroom that is inclusive of all people. 

Please note that for a 6 credit hour course, the average student should expect to spend 12 hours out-of-class per week.

The instructor has high expectations for students, but is a partner in their learning, serving more as a coach or a mentor.

The course workload will be predictable, constant, and steady.

Please only consider taking this course if your total schedule is 16 credit hours or less, and you can limit extra-curricular and/or work obligations to 10 hours per week.

What majors can take this course?

This course will count towards degree requirements for all majors that are required to take CEEN 241 and CEEN 311.

Currently, that applies to Civil Eng., Environmental Eng., Geological Eng., Mining Eng., Metallurgy and Materials Eng., and Petroleum Eng.

Additionally, the ME department has approved the pilot offering of the course for MechE majors. The course will substitute for CEEN241 + MEGN212.

Degree requirements can change, so be sure to check the Mines Catalog for the current degree requirements for each program.

Prerequisites + Logistics

The prerequisite to this course is Calculus I. The corequisite is Physics I.

The course bears 6.0 credit hours, and you will receive one grade for the entire course.

This course can be used as a prerequisite for upper-level courses that require completion of CEEN 241 or CEEN 311.

Please note that you cannot receive credit for this class if you have taken any of these courses: CEEN 241, CEEN 311, or MEGN 212.

This is a zero-textbook cost course!

The required text for this course is an online multi-media learning platform that is free, open-access, and authored by the professor:

Seeing Structures

This is a zero-textbook-cost course. The professor continues to build a library of multi-media and multi-modal learning materials (lectures, texts, visuals, interactives, video tutorials, hands-on learning activities, etc.) each semester.

Contact Susan

I am passionate about teaching foundational engineering courses and am highly experienced, having taught Statics 9 times and Mechanics of Materials 18 times.

My current interest is the intersection of evidence-based instructional practices and neurodivergent learning styles.

You can visit my homepage to learn more about me, or send me an email:

I am happy to answer whatever questions you may have!