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Uwe Greife

Uwe Greife


Department of Physics


I joined the Colorado School of Mines as an assistant professor in 1999 and have been active in applied nuclear physics research in collaboration with several national laboratories. 


  • Diplom-Physiker, Westfaelische Wilhelms Universitaet Muenster, Germany, 1989
  • Dr. rer. nat., Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, Germany, 1994

Uwe Greife Short CV


  • Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics
  • Neutron Induced Fission Studies
  • Detector and Target Development

Some Recent Publications

Uwe Greife Publication December 2018


  • “Recoil Separators for Radiative Capture using Radioactive Ion Beams”, Chris Ruiz, Uwe Greife and Ulrike Hager, Eur. Phys. J. A 50 (2014) 99
  • “A time projection chamber for high accuracy and precision fission cross-section measurements”, M. Heffner, D.M. Asner, R.G. Baker, J. Baker, S. Barrett, C. Brune, J. Bundgaard, E. Burgett, D. Carter, M. Cunningham, J. Deaven, D.L. Duke, U. Greife, S. Grimes, U. Hager, N. Hertel, T. Hill, D. Isenhower, K. Jewell, J. King, J.L. Klay, V. Kleinrath, N. Kornilov, R. Kudo, A.B. Laptev, M. Leonard, W. Loveland, T.N. Massey, C. McGrath, R. Meharchand, L. Montoya, N. Pickle, H. Qu, V. Riot, J. Ruz, S. Sangiorgio, B. Seilhan, S. Sharma, L. Snyder, S. Stave, G. Tatishvili R.T. Thornton, F. Tovesson, D. Towell, R.S. Towell, S. Watson, B. Wendt, L. Wood, Nucl. Instr. Meth. A 759 (2014) 50
  • “The Jet Experiments in Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics (JENSA) gas jet target”, K.A. Chipps, U. Greife, D.W. Bardayan, J.C. Blackmon, A. Kontos, L.E. Linhardt, M. Matos, S.D. Pain, S.T. Pittman, A. Sachs, H. Schatz, K.T. Schmitt, M.S. Smith, P. Thompson, The JENSA Collaboration, Nucl. Instr. Meth. A 763 (2014) 553
  • “Boron-rich benzene and pyrene derivatives for the detection of thermal neutrons”, H.A. Yemam, A. Mahl, U. Koldemir, T. Remedes, S. Parkin, U. Greife and A. Sellinger, Scientific Reports 5 (2015) 13401
  • “Design of SECAR a recoil mass separator for astrophysical capture reactions with radioactive beams”, GPA Berg, M Couder, MT Moran, K Smith, M Wiescher, H Schatz, U Hager, C Wrede, F Montes, G Perdikakis, X Wu, A Zeller, MS Smith, DW Bardayan, KA Chipps, SD Pain, J Blackmon, U Greife, KE Rehm, RVF Janssens, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 877 (2018) 87
  • “Methacrylate based cross-linkers for improved thermomechanical properties and retention of radiation detection response in plastic scintillators”, Adam Mahl, Allison Lim, Joseph Latta, Henok A. Yemam, Uwe Greife, Alan Sellinger, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A 884 (2018) 113
  • “Direct measurement of resonance strengths in 34-S(alpha, gamma)38-Ar at astrophysically relevant energies using the DRAGON recoil separator”, D. Connolly, P. D. O’Malley, C. Akers, A. A. Chen, G. Christian, B. Davids, L. Erikson, J. Fallis, B. R. Fulton, U. Greife, U. Hager, D. A. Hutcheon, S. Ilyushkin, A. M. Laird, A. Mahl, and C. Ruiz, Phys. Rev. C 97 (2018) 035801
  • “Energy Loss of Low Energy Hydrogen and Helium Ions in Light Gases”, D. Jedrejcic and U. Greife, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. B 428 (2018) 1




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