Brian Reily

PhD Candidate
Human-Centered Robotics Lab
Department of Computer Science


Brian Reily is a PhD candidate with the Department of Computer Science, working for the Human-Centered Robotics Lab.  His research interests are multi-robot systems, human-robot teaming, and collaborative multi-sensory perception.


  • May 2020: Paper accepted to RSS 2020 (“Leading Multi-Agent Teams to Multiple Goals While Maintaining Communication”).
  • April 2020: Passed dissertation proposal defense.
  • April 2020: 2nd Place at GRADS 2020 (Computation and Electronics Session)
  • February 2020: Paper accepted to VAMR 2020 (“Visual Reference of Ambiguous Objects for Augmented Reality-Powered Human-Robot Communication in a Shared Workspace”).
  • January 2020: 2 papers accepted to ICRA 2020 (“Simultaneous Learning from Human Pose and Object Cues for Real-Time Activity Recognition”, “Representing Multi-Robot Structure through Multimodal Graph Embedding for the Selection of Robot Teams”).
  • May 2019: Presented 2 papers at the 2nd Annual Workshop on Robot Teammates in Dynamic Unstructured Environments (RT-DUNE) at ICRA 2019.


  • MS in Computer Science, Colorado School of Mines, 2016
  • BA in Computer Science, University of Virginia, 2009





  • ICRA International Conference on Robotics and Automation Nov 2019
  • RA-L Robotics and Automation Letters Nov 2019
  • TAAS Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems Nov 2019
  • Humanoids International Conference on Humanoid Robots Sep 2018,  Aug 2019
  • TIP Transactions on Image Processing Aug 2019
  • SSRR International Symposium on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics Jun 2019
  • ICIAP International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing Jun 2019
  • IROS International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems May 2019
  • Sensors Affective and Immersive HCI via Effective Sensor and Sensing Nov 2018
  • CVIU Computer Vision and Image Understanding Nov 2016


Brown Hall 333
Colorado School of Mines
Golden, CO 80401

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