Toberer Research Group


Welcome to the Toberer group at the Colorado School of Mines! In our group, we seek to discover and design new materials through collaborative, interdisciplinary research.  These investigations often require the union of solid state chemistry, materials science, and condensed matter physics.  We benefit from the complementary viewpoints provided by experiments and simulations.  Our efforts span both fundamental research and materials to directly address renewable energy and climate change. 


Open Positions

The Toberer group is seeking applications from materials science graduate students for Fall 2022.  Undergraduates are welcome to discuss opportunities to apply for a MURF.  For further information, please email


Contact Information


Office: Coorstek 305

Labs: Coorstek 370 and GRL 240



 Group News!

  • Kamil won the International Thermoelectric Society’s Graduate Student Award
  • Celeste has graduated and is off to postdoc at Stanford
  • Grace has decided to stay with us for graduate school
  • Celeste got a Materials at Mines Best Paper Award
  • Rachel won a NDSEG Fellowship
  • Shannon won a NSF GRFP
  • Kaitlyn has graduate and is staying at NREL with a NASA postdoc fellowship
  • Vanessa won a NSF GRFP
  • Eric won the PECASE
  • Jesse won the Mines Mentorship Award
  • Brenden has graduated and is off to postdoc at UC Santa Barbara