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Patrick O’Reilly

mineral economist

Adjunct Professor
Department of Economics and Business


Visiting Assistant Professor of Resource Economics
Division of Resource Economics and Management
Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Design
West Virginia University

Research Principal
Demand Scientific

bio in brief

I am a mineral economist with research interests in energy finance, network models, water markets, real options valuation, rare earth mineral supply, pollution market design, economic history, international political economy, and marketing analyitcs. Before graduate study, I served as marketing analytics manager for AT&T’s west region for wireless market clusters based in San Diego and Denver.

I am from Falls Church, Virginia, but descend from Colorado pioneers (arriving in 1861), and am a Mines legacy (grandfather was a Mining major). My first langauge is Castilian, and am half proficient in Catalan.

Ongoing research includes:

  • Risk preferences revealed in US sulfur dioxide allowance markets
  • Network equilibrium approaches to rare earth mineral supply and water institutions
  • Political economy of state-based recycling laws
  • Backfire risk in subsidies for recycling durable goods
  • Real options approaches to environmental cost-benefit analysis
  • Economic history of the Iberian Peninsula


  • Ph.D. in Mineral and Energy Economics, with doctoral minor in Computational and Applied Mathematics, Colorado School of Mines, 2019
  • M.A. in Economics, University of Colorado Denver, 2010
  • Professional Certificate in Intellectual Property, with emphasis in Computer Science, University of California San Diego, 2007
  • B.S. in Business Administration, with minor in Decision Science, University of Wyoming, 2003

research activity


  • Michael Reed, Patrick O’Reilly, and Joshua Hall. “The Economics and Politics of Carbon Taxes and Regulations: Evidence from Voting on Washington State’s Initiative 732.” Sustainability, 2019.

Invited to Revise and Resubmit

  • Patrick O’Reilly. “Do Special Interests Matter in State Adoption of Extended Producer Responsibility Laws for Electronic Waste?” Invited to revision, Journal of Regulatory Economics.


  • Michael Giberson and Patrick O’Reilly. “The Consumer’s Interest in Reforming West Virginia’s Electric Power Industry.” A Survey of the Recent EPR Economic Literature.” Strata Policy, 2019.
  • Daniel Kaffine and Patrick O’Reilly. “What Have We Learned About Extended Producer Responsibility in the Past Decade? A Survey of the Recent EPR Economic Literature.” OECD Environment Directorate, Working Party on Resource Productivity and Waste ENV/EPOC/WPRPW (2013)7/FINAL. Paris: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2015.

Working Papers

  • Patrick O’Reilly and Daniel Kaffine. “Backfire in Recycling Subsidies for Durable Goods.”
  • Patrick O’Reilly. “Market Muting of Supply Risk in Reverse Supply Chain Networks for Electronic Waste.”
  • Patrick O’Reilly. “Pollution Hedging in the Air? Revealed Risk Preferences in Sulfur Dioxide Allowance Markets Under the U.S. Acid Rain Program.”
  • Patrick O’Reilly and Joshua Hall. “The Effects of a Natural Gas Boom on Employment and Income in West Virginia.”
  • Patrick O’Reilly. “A Network Formulation of Competing Demands for Water and Energy: Transaction Costs, Property Rights, and Rents.”


 Colorado School of Mines

  • EBGN 310: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (Spring 2021)
  • EBGN 201: Principles of Economics (Fall 2020 – Spring 2021)
  • EBGN 301: Intermediate Microeconomics (Spring and Summer 2013)

West Virginia University

  • ARE 150: Introduction to Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness (Spring 2020 and 2021)
  • ARE 410: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (Spring 2019)
  • FIN 533: Financial Energy Risk Management (Fall 2017)
  • FIN 310: Investments (Fall 2017)

Christopher Newport University

  • ECON 301: Environmental Economics (Spring 2016 and 2017)
  • ECON 203: Environmental Economics Literacy (Fall 2015 and 2016)
  • ECON 201/202: Principles of Macroeconomics (Fall 2015 to Spring 2017)


Department of Economics and Business
Engineering Hall
Colorado School of Mines
Golden, CO 80401