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  • Amadeu K. Sum, “Measurements of Clathrate Hydrates Properties via Raman Spectroscopy”, Master of Science Dissertation, Colorado School of Mines (1996). Advisor: E. Dendy Sloan.

From Former Students

  • Yue Hu, 2017, Ph.D., Thesis: “Measurements and Modeling of Gas Hydrates Formation in Inhibited Systems: High Pressure, High Salinity, and Mixture of Inhibitors”
  • Xianwei Zhang, 2017, Ph.D., Thesis: “Gas Hydrate Deposition from Water Saturated Vapor in Deadlegs”
  • Erlend Straume, 2017, Ph.D.  Thesis: “Study of Gas Hydrate Formation and Wall Deposition Under Multiphase Flow Conditions”
  • Carlos Bassani, 2017, M.S. Thesis: “Modelagem do Escoamento Trifásico Sólido-Líquido-Gás em Golfadas Acoplando Transferência de Calor e Massa com a Formação de Hidratos”
  • Piyush Chaudhari, 2015, Ph.D. Thesis: “Development of Hydrate Risk Quantification in Oil and Gas Production'”
  • Prithvi Vijayamohan, 2015, Ph.D. Thesis: “Experimental Investigation of Gas Hydrate Formation, Plugging and Transportability in Partially Dispersed and Water Continuous Systems'”
  • Giovanny Grasso, 2015, Ph.D. Thesis: “Investigation of Hydrate Formation and Transportability in Multiphase Flow Systems”
  • R. Gary Grim, 2014, Ph.D. Thesis: “A Spectroscopic Study of the Structure and Occupancies of Clathrate Hydrates Incorporating Hydrogen”
  • Patrick Lafond, 2014, Ph.D. Thesis: “Particle Jamming During the Discharge of Fluid-Driven Granular Flow”
  • Ishan Rao, 2013, Ph.D. Thesis: “Multiphase Flow Modeling and Deposition of Hydrates in Oil and Gas Pipelines”
  • Martin Braniff, 2013, M.S. Thesis: “Effect of Dually Combined Under-Inhibition and Anti-Agglomerant Treatment on Hydrate Slurries”
  • Hongfei Xu*, 2013, M.S. Thesis: “Hydrate Desalination Using Cyclopentane Hydrates”
  • Matthew Gilmer, 2013, M.S. Thesis: “Hydrates on Suspended Bubbles: Development of a High Pressure Counter-Flow System and Initial Measurements”
  • Zachary Aman*, 2012, Ph.D. Thesis: “Interfacial Properties of Cyclopentane Hydrate”
  • Ryan D. Booker, 2012, M.S. Thesis: “Associating Biophysical and Thermodynamic Changes Induced by Xenon to the General Anesthetic Effect”
  • Christopher J. Cabusao, 2012, M.S. Thesis: “The Application of Xenon Hydrate to Stabilize Enzymatic Proteins”
  • Sanjeev V. Joshi*, 2012, Ph.D. Thesis: “Experimental Investigation and Modeling of Gas Hydrate Formation in High Water Cut Producing Oil Pipelines”
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  • Joseph W. Lambert, 2006, M.S. Thesis: “Molecular Study of Capsaicin in Aqueous and Hydrophobic Environments”

* co-advised

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