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Principal Investigator

Prof. Eve Mozur

Assistant Professor, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Eve grew up outside of Boston, in the town where the Salem Witch Trials happened (not Salem!). She moved out west for college and hasn’t left since. She graduated from Reed College in Portland, OR with a B.A. in Chemistry.  She completed her PhD in Chemistry in the lab of Prof. Jamie Neilson at Colorado State University, investigating the role of organic cation dynamics in hybrid perovskites for photovoltaics. After earning her PhD, Eve worked as a post-doctoral researcher in the Materials Research Laboratory at the University of California Santa Barbara under Prof. Ram Seshadri.  There, she studied the affect of composition on the formation of large magnetic bodies, such as skyrmions. When not at Mines campus, Eve spends her time hiking, camping, reading fiction, and baking.

Office: Hill Hall 356



graduate Researchers

Jordan Sweeney

Jordan grew up in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania (Amish country!). She moved to Florida in high school where she fell in love with electrochemistry doing her first big project on batteries. She spent her undergrad at the University of Florida, receiving a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering with a certificate in Semiconductor Materials. Her undergraduate research consisted of writing scripts in Python to help interpret TEM images, particularly improper ferroelectrics for her honors thesis. Her first internship was at Materion where she worked on beryllium copper alloys. She also spent a summer here at Mines with the Maughan group working on antiperovskite electrolytes. Outside of the lab, Jordan loves synchronized swimming, reading murder mysteries, and playing several musical instruments.

UnDERgraduate Researchers

Emily Stec

Emily Stec grew up in Golden, Colorado. After enjoying chemistry and math courses in school, she decided to stay in her hometown and pursue a Chemical Engineering degree at Mines. She loves just about any outdoor activity including hiking, climbing, snowboarding, and biking. After graduation, she is hoping to have a career in the renewable energy industry or work on reducing our carbon footprint to combat climate change.

Andrew hope

 Andrew grew up outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In high school, Andrew fell in love with chemistry after doing an independent study of nickel electroplating. He decided to escape the frozen swamp of Minnesota and study material engineering at Colorado School of Mines. When he isn’t studying or in the lab, Andrew is an avid skier, mountaineer, and rock climber. Over the summer Andrew worked in the steel industry optimizing the steel recycling process and alloy recovery. He hopes to use his experience in industry to aid his research.


Undergraduate Researchers Current Position
Claire Vozel Graduate student at University of California Santa Barbara
Material Science REU Researchers  Home Institution
Julissa Cesareo  University of California Santa Barbara
Corryn Hiers  Arapahoe Community College