Carr Theoretical Physics Research Group

Prof. Lincoln Carr, Wearer of Many Hats

Mina “General Relativity was too easy!” Fasihi — Physics PhD student

Matthew Jones, Physicist and cool Dad — joint Physics PhD student with Nvidia

Pratik Patnaik, digging for quantum truths with quantum cellular automata — Physics PhD student

Josh Lewis, exploring the world of fractional space-time — Quantum Engineering MS student / Physics PhD student

Bismah Rizwan, our newest group member, starting Fall 2024!¬† — Physics PhD student

Saniya Minase, changing how the world thinks about energy — Quantum Engineering MS student

Jeremy Brooks, fueling machine learning with coffee, source of all insight and goodness — Applied Physics MS student

Mason Kugler — Discovering complexity at the top of the world — Engineering Physics BS student, soon to be Applied Physics MS student

Brenden Guyette — joining the soon to be Dr. Lewis in fractional spacetime — Engineering Physics BS student

Brandon Barton, taking a break from communing with machine learning algorithms¬† to commune with nature — Applied Mathematics MS student

Margaux Basart, sports fan and Mines athlete, pushing the limits of non-von Neumann computing — Engineering Physics BS student

Connor Burns — master of statistics, coding, and a great smile at the end of the day — Engineering Physics BS student

Om Biyani, 1st year undergrad — inspiring us all with his enthusiasm, talent, and tough questions — Engineering Physics BS student

Isaiah Barkat — musican and budding theoretical physicist — Eagle Creek High School student