Carr Theoretical Physics Research Group

Prof. Lincoln Carr, Wearer of Many Hats

Axel Molle, bringing the Wisdom of Europe to America — Fulbright Scholar and Postdoctoral Researcher

Matthew Jones, Physicist and cool Dad — joint Physics PhD student with Nvidia

Mina “General Relativity was too easy!” Fasihi — Physics PhD student

Josh Lewis, exploring the world of fractional space-time — Quantum Engineering MS student / Physics PhD student

Khloe Downie, creating new complexity theory in the world of the arts and humanities — Applied Physics MS student

Pratik Patnaik, digging for quantum truths — Physics PhD student

Benjamin Krawcic, discovering complexity within complexity, itinerant philosopher and international traveler — Applied Mathematics MS student

Saniya Minase, our newest quantum engineer! — Quantum Engineering MS student