Hogue Research Group


Our research focuses on improving the understanding and prediction of hydrologic fluxes at a range of space and time scales. Droughts, floods, urbanization, wildfires, climate variability and an escalating global population are creating scientific challenges on scales previously not encountered. 

Improving the understanding and prediction of a dynamic hydrologic cycle and its interface with a growing society is critical for addressing future water security and for reducing the detrimental impacts of land-cover change and natural hazards on watershed processes. 

Our work centers on the development and improvement of tools to better understand the mechanisms and improve the prediction of hydrologic processes with a special focus on semi-arid regions. Specifically, our research involves: investigating catchment response to wildfire and urbanization, hydrologic and snow process modeling, remote-sensing of land surface properties, operational flood forecasting, and parameter estimation methods for hydrologic models. 


Professor and Department Head, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Director, Hydrologic Science and Engineering Program
Director, Center for a Sustainable WE2ST
Colorado School of Mines
Golden, CO

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