Principal Investigator

Terri Hogue

Dean, Earth and Society Programs
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Director, Center for a Sustainable WE2ST
Colorado School of Mines
Golden, CO

Curriculum Vitae


Postdoctoral Researchers

Nasrin Alamdari

Research: Watershed hydrology, urban stormwater management, surface-groundwater interaction, climate and land use change impacts on hydrological processes

Elizabeth Gallo

Research: Urban hydrology; stormwater modeling including pollutant loads and best management practices (BMPs) to meet water quality regulations in rivers and lakes

Katie Spahr

Research: Co-benefits of green and grey infrastructure

Ashley Rust

Research: Post-fire effects on hydrology; water quality; integrated ecosystems; fish ecology; macroinvertebrate populations and habitats

PhD Students 

Natalie Collar

Research: Post-fire hydrology, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, snowpack hydrology, remote sensing, flood risk assessment and management, stormwater management, watershed mechanics.

Jake Kurzweil

Research: Watershed systems and modeling, Remote sensing, Eco-hydrologic relationships

Sam Saxe

Research: Continental-scale hydrology, water budgets, remote sensing, model inter-comparison, disturbance hydrology, modeling
Sam’s LinkedIn and USGS Profile

Katie Schneider

Research: Disturbance hydrology; cryospheric change; post-fire hydrology; water budgets; hydrologic modeling; STEM education.

Masters Students 

Victoria Hennon

Research: Urban hydrology, surface water quality, modeling

Steven Reeves

Research: Urban Watersheds, stormwater effects on aquatic life

Undergraduate Students

Research Associates 

Past Students

Reza Abdi PostDoc
Janet BarcoPostDoc
Colin BellPostDoc
Jordy WolfandPostDoc
Jongyoun KimMS, PhD, PostDoc
Alicia KinoshitaBS, MS, PhD, PostDoc
Laura ReedPost Doc
Chris RuybalPhD, PostDoc
Kyle BlountPhD
Megan BurkePhD
Ryan GilliomPhD
Minxue (Kevin) HePhD
Helen Jung (Kong)PhD
Kyle KnipperPhD
Sonya LopezPhD
Caroline MiniPhD
Kim ManagoPhD
Barik MuhammadPhD
Chelsea PanosMS,PhD
Kim SlinskiPhD
Ashley RustPhD
Pouya VahmaniPhD
Melissa ValentinePhD
Jordy WolfandPhD
Andrew BeckMS
Jacob BrownMS
Chris CarandangMS
Kristina CydzikMS
Flannery DolanMS
Ryan EdgelyMS
Brandon HaleMS
Ryan LoganMS
Jake KurzweilMS
David MoeringMS
Abbye NeelMS
Samuel SaxeMS
Jessica ShirleyMS
Ella WalkerMS
Michael WeilMS
Chris WesselMS
Tristan AcobMS Non-Thesis
Audrey LeeMS Non-Thesis
Sharon LiuMS Non-Thesis
Alan TiptonMS Non-Thesis