Alexandra M. Newman


Department of Mechanical Engineering


Operations Research with Engineering Interdisciplinary Program (



  • Design and scheduling optimization in heavy industry:
    • Energy systems
    • Open-pit and underground mining
    • Continuously cast steel
  • Military applications
  • Professional sports playoff clinching and elimination
  • Transportation


  • BS in Applied Mathematics, University of Chicago
  • MS in Operations Research, University of California, Berkeley
  • PhD in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, University of California, Berkeley



  •  INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics (formerly Interfaces)


  • INFORMS Journal on Optimization


Alexandra Newman running a race


Brown Hall W470B
1610  Illinois St.
Colorado School of Mines
Golden, CO 80401


First Publication

Mrs. Red Pink Purple
(single-authored, but neither refereed nor complete)

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Submitted Papers

  • Hood, K., O. McMiller, D. Nock, J. Grymes, and A. Newman. “Cost, resiliency and emissions trade-offs for microgrids in varying socioeconomic settings,” submitted.
  • Yano, C., V. Rana, and A. Newman. “Block Scheduling in a Multi-Hospital Setting,” submitted.
  • Kamga-Ngameni, L., D. Melonson Jr., A. Chowdu, and A. Newman. “Reducing Nonproductive Time in Oil Fields,” submitted.
  • Wales, J., A. Zolan, T. Flamand, and A. Newman. “Decomposing a Renewable Energy Design and Dispatch Model,” submitted.
  • Royal, E., S. Bandyopadhyay, A. Newman, Q. Huang, and P. Tabares. “Long-Term Hourly Electric Load Forecasting using a Hybrid Statistical Model,” submitted.

Under Revision

  • Hood, K., M. Walsh, A. Zolan, G. Jackson, and A.. Newman. “Characterizing and Improving the Performance of Molten-Salt-and-Steam Heat Exchangers in Concentrating Solar Power Plants,” under revision.
  • Grymes, J., A. Newman, A. Zolan, and D. Mehta. “A Matheuristic for Design and Dispatch of a Utility-Connected Distributed Energy System,” under revision.
  • Greivel, G., S. Bandyopadhyay, A. M. Newman, and B. G. Thomas. “Multiple Regression and Transformations at the Industrial Scale,” under revision.

Accepted Papers

  • Ayaburi, J, A. Swift, A. Brickey, A. Newman, and D. Bienstock. “Optimizing Ventilation in Medium-and Short-term Mine Planning,” Oprimization and Engineering, accepted.
  • Torres, N., G. Greivel, J. Betz, E. Moreno, A. Newman, and B. Thomas. “Optimizing Steel Coil Production Schedules under Continuous Casting and Hot Rolling,” European Journal of Operational Research, accepted.
  • Swift, A., E. Smoorenburg, A. Newman, and G. Bogin. “The Impact of Environmental Conditions on the Heat and Emissions Produced by Large Diesel Engines in Underground Mines,” Journal of Cleaner Production, accepted.
  • Lamas, P., M. Goycoolea, A. Newman, and B. Pagnoncelli.  “A Target-Time-Windows Technique for Project Scheduling Under Uncertainty,” European Journal of Operational Research, accepted.
  • Kim, S., M. Husted, E. Olinick, and A. Newman. “Improving South Korea’s Crystal Ball for Baseball Post-Season Clinching and Elimination,” INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics, accepted.



  • Grymes, J., A. Newman, A. Cranmer, and D. Nock. “Optimizing Microgrid Deployment for Community Resilience,” Optimization and Engineering, published online November.
  • McBrayer, A., A. Brickey, A. Newman, and D. Bienstock. “Surface Coal Mine Production Scheduling under Time-of-Use Power Rates,” Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports, published online October.
  • Hirwa, J., A. Zolan, W. Becker, T. Flamand, and A. Newman. “Optimizing Design and Dispatch of a Resilient Renewable Energy System for a South African Hospital,” Applied Energy, 348: 121438.
  • Greivel, G., A. Newman, M. Brown and K. Eurek. “Improving Mathematical Exposition of an Industrial-Scale Linear Program: A Reformulation Case Study,” INFORMS Transactions on Education, published online April.
  • Cox, J., W. Hamilton, A. Newman and J. Martinek.   “Optimal Sizing and Dispatch of Solar Power with Storage,” Optimization and Engineering, 24: 1970183, published online March.
  • Abiodun, K., K. Hood, J. Cox., A. Newman, and A. Zolan, 2023. “The Value of Concentrating Solar Power in the Ancillary Services Market,” Applied Energy, 334: 120518.
  • J. Cox., W.T. Hamilton, and A. Newman, 2023. “Parametric Analysis on Optimized Design of Hybrid Solar Power Plants,” Solar Energy, 252: 195-217.



  • Abiodun, K., A. Gautam, A. Newman, D. Nock, and A. Pandey, 2022. “The Role of Microgrids in Advancing Equity through Access and Resilience,” INFORMS TutORials in Operations Research: 175-190.
  • Anderson, K., J. Grymes., A. Newman and A. Warren, 2022. “North Carolina Water Utility Builds Resilience with Distributed Energy Resources,” INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics, publonline September.
  • Cox, J., W. Hamilton, A. Newman, A. Zolan, and MJ. Wagner, 2022. “Real-time Dispatch Optimization for Concentrating Solar Power with Thermal Energy Storage,” Optimization and Engineering:1-38.
  • Hill, A., A. Brickey, I. Cipriano, M. Goycoolea and A. Newman, 2022. “Optimization Strategies for Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problems in Underground Mining,” INFORMS Journal on Computing, 34 (6), 3042-3058. **Best paper, Energy, Natural Resources and Environment Section, INFORMS
  • Hirwa, J., O. Ogunmodede, A. Zolan, and A. Newman, 2022. “Optimizing Design and Dispatch of a Renewable Energy System with Combined Heat and Power,” Optimization and Engineering: 1-31.
  • Ogunmodede, O., P. Lamas, A. Brickey, G. Bogin Jr., and A. Newman, 2022. “Underground Production Scheduling with Ventilation and Refrigeration Considerations,” Optimization and Engineering: 1-29.
  • Wales, J., A. Zolan, A. Newman and M. Wagner, 2022. “Optimizing Vehicle Fleet and Assignment for Concentrating Solar Power Plant Mirror Washing,” IISE Transactions, 54(6): 550-562.
  • Wales, J., A. Zolan, W. Hamilton, A. Newman, M. Wagner, 2022. “Combining simulation and Optimization to Derive Operating Policies for a Concentrating Solar Power Plant,” OR Spectrum: published online Aug.



  • Brickey, A., A. Chowdu, A. Newman, G. Goycoolea and R. Godard, 2021. “Barrick’s Turquoise Ridge Gold Mine Optimizes Underground Production Scheduling Operations,” INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics, 51.2: 106-118.
  • Burrow, A., A. Hering, D. Morton and A. Newman, 2021. “Optimal Design and Operation of River Basin Storage under Hydroclimatic Uncertainty,” ASCE Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 147(9): 04021055. **Honorable Mention, Energy, Natural Resources and Environment Section, INFORMS
  • Chowdu, A., P. Nesbitt, A. Brickey, and A. Newman, 2021. “Operations Research in Underground Mine Planning: A Review,” INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics: published online Oct.
  • Husted, M., E. Olinick and A. Newman, 2021. “Improving Sports Media’s Crystal Ball for National Basketball Association Playoff Elimination,” INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics, 51(2): 119-135.
  • Igogo, T., K. Awuah-Offei, A. Newman, T. Lowder and J. Engel-Cox, 2021. “Integrating Clean Energy into Mining Operations: Opportunities, Challenges, and Enabling Approaches,” Applied Energy, 300: 117375.
  • Nesbitt, P., L. Blake, P. Lamas, M. Goycoolea, B. Pagnoncelli, A. Newman and A. Brickey, 2021.  “Underground Mine Scheduling Under Uncertainty,” European Journal of Operational Research, 294(1): 340-352.
  • Ogunmodede, O., K. Anderson, D. Cutler, and A. Newman, 2021. “Optimizing Design and Dispatch of a Renewable Energy System,” Applied Energy, 287: 116527.
  • Zolan, A., M. Scioletti, D. Morton and A. Newman, 2021. “Decomposing Loosely Coupled Mixed-integer Programs for Optimal Microgrid Design,” INFORMS Journal on Computing, 33.4: 1300-1319.













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